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From: Martin McKee
Email: [email protected]
Date: Friday, June 13, 2003
Time: 09:38:35 PM


Great site! I’m trying to find info on my grandfather’s grandfather, Jacob C. McKee born 1825 in Tennessee. Please contact me if anyone has any information. Thanks!

From: Tom Corin
Email: [email protected]
Date: Thursday, June 05, 2003
Time: 11:47:47 AM


Marvelous website. It’s a tribute to our Mckee Heritage. My Mother’s maiden name wes Ellen McKee, daughter of Sean and Mary McKee, Donegal Ireland.

From: Dan White
Email: [email protected]
Date: Sunday, May 25, 2003
Time: 09:39:56 AM


My mother came from Ireland/County cork, a long, long time ago! Her maiden name was Sullivan, sadly she passed when I was only a child! My dad came from Canada and changed his name from LeBlanc to White, I see you had a White in your family. Your album was great, good luck to all you nice folks. Dan

From: Brenda Williams
Email: [email protected]
Date: Saturday, May 10, 2003
Time: 02:21:36 PM


You have a great web site.Although i am trying to find out about my great grandfather Benny Austin Mckee.One son with Warren Austin Mckee. Thank you

From: Bill McKee
Email: [email protected]
Date: Tuesday, April 29, 2003
Time: 11:23:57 PM


I was just browseing the internet, and came upon your site. It’s very interesting. My Father was from Butler County, Kentucky. His Father’s name was Larue McKee. Larue died sometime around 1941. I’m interested in finding something out about my Great Grandfather Jasper Carr McKee.

From: Joe Mckee jr
Email: [email protected]
Date: Friday, April 25, 2003
Time: 11:40:26 AM




From: Jen Norcross
Email: [email protected]
Date: Tuesday, April 15, 2003
Time: 07:36:48 PM


What a lovely web site. Looks like your just a wee bit proud of your family. Very sweet.

From: Paul M McKee Jr
Date: Monday, December 16, 2002
Time: 11:27:20 PM



U have a great web site!!

From: Liz  McGlinchey
Date: Monday, November 18, 2002
Time: 11:06:56 AM



My name is Liz McGlinchey.  My Great Grand Father was John (Jack) McKee from Bangor Ireland ( 1872-1959).  I don’t see any connections to your family tree since your John McKee’s photo is not my Great Grand Father. We love your McKee web site and check it frequently for updates and possible family relationships. I hope you will add new information as you continue your research on your ancestry.

From: Ann Burns
Email: [email protected]
Date: Monday, November 04, 2002
Time: 04:06:32 PM


A very sweet family site. thanks for sharing it.

From: Jim MaGhee
Email: [email protected]
Date: Monday, September 30, 2002
Time: 01:15:12 PM


Nice Web Site. We enjoyed it very much

April 30/May/2002:13:25:17
Charming presentation. Your site is delightful.
pauline shaw   19/Apr/2002:10:23:00
Hi Joe, thanks for the info!. What a great site, i am looking for information on : Patrick McKee. Patrick McKee married Sarah ( Hughes ) McKee, Parents of Mrs. Margaret McCaskie ( previously McQuillan ).They would be Great Grand Parents on mothers side of family. This is all the info that i have. Bye for , but i will be checking in with this

site regularly. Bye for now From Pauline Shaw

Marge M   17/Apr/2002:21:39:53
I see that your site has grown quite a bit since my last visit. You continue, as always, to do a fantastic job with a new surprise at every click. Your family and grand children are obviously your pride and joy, and justifiably so. They are all absolutely gorgeous. Brynne sure does take after her grand father with her sweet song. By the way, your Christmas card was a real classic. How did you do that? Your site will remain in our family favorites list, so keep it growing. How about some more poems and a few more sing alongs? Keep it coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jim Conner   29/Mar/2002:23:00:34
WOW – Great site !!!!!!!!!!
Bryan McKee   17/Mar/2002:11:32:40
I didn’t know us McKee’s were so popular ! It was a wonderful site to visit. Happy St. Patricks Day to all of the McKee’s around the world.

Greetings from Canada

Anne, Gary and Steph   17/Mar/2002:11:07:48
Fantastic! The three of us huddled around the monitor and enjoyed.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all the McKees.
Ken   04/Mar/2002:10:54:33
Visited your website which, as the younger set would say, is AWESOME–a real masterpiece and your singing is also pretty good. Your MY ETERNITY brought a tear or two in our household. Pauline, my wife, is a McKee descendant. Her mother, although born in NYC, returned to Ireland with her parents while in infancy and lived in Newtownards until she was 13 at which time her father and mother immigrated(1919) to the U.S. Pauline went back to Newtownards two summers ago and visited her cousins. Eighty-nine of the McKee clan got together at the Crawfordsburn Inn and welcomed her which needless to say was an emotional event for her. Her mother had made five trips to Ireland during her lifetime and always spoke of the wonderful McKees of County Down. Through the years we had met several of them when they visited America thus she knew many of them before her trip. Interestingly enough we also have a John McKee of your John McKee era

in our tree.(In fact there are several John

Pauline   04/Mar/2002:10:52:14
It has been bookmarked among our favorites for subsequent visits. It is a masterpiece. Pauline
Janet   04/Mar/2002:10:46:56
Friday September 08, 2000 00:05:47 GMT Comments: Loved your site – Lots of inovation. I’d love to do as well myself.


Jim Conner   04/Mar/2002:10:44:32
Friday September 08, 2000 01:20:18 GMT You have a fantastic web. A bit slow on the down load but worth the wait -Good songs


Tom Brady   04/Mar/2002:10:42:31
[email protected] Friday September 08, 2000 04:04:57 GMT Very Nice web site.

Lots of fun

Happy   04/Mar/2002:10:40:48
Wednesday September 13, 2000 20:19:57 GMT Jue did a lookup on MCKEE, my wifes maiden name, and found your web page. I really enjoyed it, especially the annimations and the music. The music didn’t work with my old version of real player so I downloaded the new vervion – Great Stuff
Eileen   04/Mar/2002:10:38:43
Saturday September 23, 2000 05:47:31 GMT What can I say? … I simply have the absolute most talented and wonderful brother in the whole world! You’ve done a great job. Love, Eileen
Kevin   04/Mar/2002:10:36:28
Wednesday September 27, 2000 01:18:49 GMT WOW – You sure did a great job. I’m trying to learn web design and I’d love to use some of your techniques and graphics. Would you e-mail me and give me some hints? Thanks,


elfrogo   04/Mar/2002:10:34:27
Wednesday September 27, 2000 19:18:44 GMT Great site Joe, I loved your music page and the animations are wonderful. Keep up the good work my friend, hope to see you again soon in the “frogpond”. Thanks for sharing your talents with me.


Brian   04/Mar/2002:10:32:00
Thursday September 28, 2000 02:28:00 GMT Great Site! Good work!


Yasmina   04/Mar/2002:10:29:02
Friday September 29, 2000 05:40:35 GMT Hi ~ I’ve really enjoyed my visit here! Your family pictures are wonderful, as is the design of your site! May you continue to find much joy, happiness, and success in all that you do 🙂 Thanks


Abby   04/Mar/2002:10:27:00
Saturday September 30, 2000 04:33:37 GMT I just visited your web site and KNOW it’s the best I’ve ever seen – No appologies needed for the songs. They’re fantastic. Our family had Lots of fun singing along. The family archive is lovely –


Katy   04/Mar/2002:10:24:56
Sunday October 01, 2000 05:23:22 GMT Comments: Joe you are amazing! Awesome songs and poetry too! Of course I knew the site would be put together awesomely well but the content is staggering! I just adore your sight and plan on singing along with you often! Katy
Kevin   04/Mar/2002:10:22:46
Sunday October 01, 2000 17:02:04 GMT Comments: I am pleased to see such a nice McKee site, Joe. The music, the green, the picture of irish shore at Donegal. Good work. I hope this kind of work continues to spawn interest in our surname and more great informational sites. Manu Forti.

Kevin Mckee

Frank   04/Mar/2002:10:20:31
Tuesday October 03, 2000 06:15:48 GMT Hey there Netsailor…My friend what a wonderful job you have done of your webpage WOW its great and realy is informative….you sound like you have a wonderful family background and interesting to boot…….well done NET…..My Family Origins are of French Blood and we go right back to the Normans and saxon times …and by the way dearest friend, thanks for introducing me to your fine page. Please keep in touch ok. Your friend from down under the Critter Frank the


Grace   04/Mar/2002:10:17:20
Tuesday October 03, 2000 15:12:41 GMT Comments: It is, as usual, priceless.


Mel   04/Mar/2002:10:15:17
Monday October 09, 2000 15:32:30 GMT My daddy is the best, most talented guy in the world!


Suzie G   04/Mar/2002:10:13:17
Tuesday October 10, 2000 04:02:26 GMT Great site, Dad! Do you know who this is? If you have website questions, you could also write to [email protected] Brother Danny manages the Verizon Wireless website! Take care!


tom Reardon   04/Mar/2002:10:10:36
Tuesday October 10, 2000 15:40:44 GMT This is a fantastic web site. I really like the way you presented the family pictures and the music ain’t too bad either.(Giggle) – I look forward to seeing the finished product. It seems to grow by the hour


Julie Carrol   04/Mar/2002:10:08:16
Thursday October 12, 2000 00:02:52 GMT How much for a Carroll family web site??? Wow! Cute kids…what happened??? Really enjoyed the tour.

Thanks, Joe!

Tictoc   04/Mar/2002:10:04:23
Sunday October 15, 2000 17:40:35 GMT Hi Joe, Thank you for sharing your site, music and family with me. Wonderful place to visit and you sing beautifully. Hope to hear you sing often. Don’t stay away so long.


Patsey   04/Mar/2002:10:02:23
Wednesday October 18, 2000 21:15:15 GMT Hello joe enjoyed your famly site.Get rid of the butterflys till I see the rest of it God bless.

Patsey Harkin

Patsey   04/Mar/2002:10:00:10
Wednesday October 18, 2000 21:29:54 GMT Hello again Joe,by the way the boat in the picture belongs to me.Dad[Packie Harkin]and myself built it in 1978.


A. Harkin   04/Mar/2002:09:58:07
Wednesday October 18, 2000 22:34:22 GMT Hello Joe Nothing but the best.Excellent website.I have just started web design with Aisling and we hope to put up a site about our local club Ardara.


Bonnie   04/Mar/2002:09:54:18
Sunday October 22, 2000 15:28:41 GMT Great website. Inspiration for my sister and I to work on our family’s. Haven’t seen you in several years,in person.It’s Bonnie, at Mel’s having a great time. Hello to Grace


Melanie   04/Mar/2002:09:52:12
Sunday October 22, 2000 15:56:42 GMT Hi Daddy – – – Bonz and I are playing on the computer – – – hope you saw her last message. She forgot to ‘put in an order’ for one of your cd’s….She loves it and wants to share it with baby Monica! What do you think. Mom has Bonnie’s address……. YOU ARE FAMOUS! Love you!


Faulk   04/Mar/2002:09:49:57
Monday October 23, 2000 00:59:16 GMT I sure did enjoy your website. I do a great deal of family history.


sheri   04/Mar/2002:09:47:50
Friday October 27, 2000 19:32:20 GMT Unbelievable Site! My daughter never looked cuter, nor my husband for that matter, thanks to all of your handywork. I see a future for you designing web sites for grandparents all over the world! I can’t wait to show it to Brynne. Lots of Love,


Joe Romero   04/Mar/2002:09:45:41
Friday November 10, 2000 19:57:15 GMT Thanks for the e-mail joe. Enjoying looking through your pages and pics. Mine is kinds primitive. Last summer on my 66th birthday decided to try the free netscape offer. Since I am an aging physician have never tried a website before.

Joe Romero

Jim Webster   04/Mar/2002:09:43:36
Wednesday November 15, 2000 04:55:53 GMT Wonderful web site, great design, music and animations. I really enjoyed my visit. Do you do web sites for others. I’ll send you an E- mail – I’d sure like one like your’s


Amy   04/Mar/2002:09:41:15
Friday November 17, 2000 13:23:02 GMT Hi there Uncle Joe, What a fabulous site…..I’ll have to work on mine more to get it as great as yours, but I don’t think that will happen. I love all the photos….couldn’t listen to the music, since I viewed this at work and don’t have a sound card. At any rate, excellent work — love the effects! Take care…..Love,


Patsey   04/Mar/2002:09:39:14
Wednesday November 22, 2000 21:42:42 GMT Hello thanks for the e mail you sent me a few weeks ago. It was nice to here from you.


Tom   04/Mar/2002:09:37:02
Email: [email protected] Date: Saturday December 16, 2000 23:03:53 GMT Comments: Please excuse my use of the false e-mail address, I prefer not to have mine on a public page. I congratulate you on your web design. It’s very well done and a pleasure to visit. I’ll contact you by E-mail to ask if you are interested in placing in various National Web design contests – It’s a sure winner.

Tom Clayborne, MIT

Phil   04/Mar/2002:09:34:59
Monday December 18, 2000 12:49:16 GMT Thanks for the picture of Rosbeg. My father, brother David and I visited Anthony and Patsy Harkin June 1999. A most beautiful place.

Merry Christmas to you and your family

Patsey Harkin   04/Mar/2002:09:30:51
Wednesday February 14, 2001 21:21:38 GMT Comments: Its me again just saying hello. Keep up the good work.


Phil Rielly   04/Mar/2002:09:28:46
March 19, 2001 21:50:57 GMT Joe-Thanks for the St Patricks day card. I really enjoy your work. All is well with all of the Reillys. Dad’s been helping out at our new

house in Chester Springs. He sends his best to you and Grace.

Catroina   04/Mar/2002:09:26:41
Tuesday March 20, 2001 00:09:22 GMT very enjoyable hope to hear from u soon


Patsy   04/Mar/2002:09:24:39
Date: Wednesday March 21, 2001 21:48:38 GMT Thanks for the St. Patricks day greeting. Hope you are all well. Happy

St. Patricks day.

Catriona   04/Mar/2002:09:22:24
[email protected] Date: Monday March 26, 2001 21:54:14 GMT Comments: Thanks for the St.Patricks Day Greeting
Email: Date: Sunday April 08, 2001 14:35:58 GMT Comments: My mother and all her family came from Rosbeg Her name was Kate Rogers and her father was known as Goony and it is 36 years since I was there.

Am planing to be there in July 2001. Ejoyed your site, thank you

Date: Monday September 03, 2001 18:10:56 GMT Comments: my names is Willard eugene McMee, i am looking for genealogy imformation .i’m the son of Ernie McKee,nephew of Willard and Harold



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