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Join The Venice Newcomers Club

How To Join

Joe McKee

Please read all of the information provided below, then return here

 to submit  your request to the Newcomers Club.

To submit an application or a request for information, click  Here.

Who can join?

 Membership is open to both singles and couples who have moved to Venice, Nokomis or Laurel within the past 2 years and who are in residence there for at least 10 months per year.  Just owning a home or having a Florida driver’s license is not sufficient to qualify you or your household for membership.

How long can a member be in Venice Newcomers?

You can remain in the Club for up to three years. The Venice Newcomers Club year begins in June and ends the next May.  At the end of your eligibility as a Newcomer you can become a member of the Newcomers of Venice Alumni (NOVA) Club. These two clubs cooperate to organize selected activities.

What is the size of the Club?

Since members can belong for only 3 years, the membership varies from about 250 households in June to 350 households the following May.

When can new members join?

You can join the club at any time of the year. 

What does it cost to join?

Dues are $30 yearly per household,. The fiscal year begins in June. If a new member joins between January 1 and May 31, the dues are $15.00 for the balance of the first year of membership.

Are there special events for singles or is everything couples?

All events are open to singles and couples.  In addition, the Newcomers Singles Group, called “F.R.I.E.N.D.S,” provides Newcomer singles with their own get-togethers (e.g. lunches, dinners, theater, and happy hours.)

How does the Newcomers Club introduce me to other members and activities?

After joining Newcomers, you can attend a coffee for all new members who joined in that month.  Club officers and activities leaders will explain how to participate in the various activities and immediately get you involved with other newcomers.

Attending the monthly luncheon, the beach picnics, and the Sunday mixers are great ways to meet people quickly.  Joining any group within the Newcomers Club is easy and new members are made to feel welcome at all activities and events.

What is expected of me?

The Newcomers Club will provide the opportunities to join activities and make new friends.  The more you participate, the more people you will meet and the more you will learn about the area, it’s restaurants, theaters, and other areas of interest.   Take part in planning an activity and you will meet even more people.

How do I join Venice Newcomers or find out more information about joining?

Go back to the top of this page and click the link provided to submit your application or information request.  Your request will be sent by E-mail directly to the a club enrollment volunteer.  We will respect your privacy and will not give your information to anyone other than Newcomers Club membership personnel.

After we receive your application, one of the membership co-chairs will call  you.  Then you will be mailed an application form and an interest sheet.  Complete these forms and mail them back  along with your check for the first year’s dues.

What Happens Next?

After  your application and dues are received by the Club you will be notified by mail that your household is a member of the club.  You will also receive as a copy of the current directory, bylaws of the club, and a current news letter.  You may then use the newsletter to immediately start to participate in the activities of your choice.

You will also be invited to the next available Newest Newcomers Coffee.